Text message marketing can be incredibly advantageous for any company that is looking to drive sales and promote brand awareness. It’s fast, cost-effective, and most importantly – personal. It also allows you to offer customers tangible benefits such as discounts or giveaways when they sign up for text updates. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of text message marketing:


1. It’s fast and convenient:

Customers can receive text updates without having to open their email or visit a website. This is especially important for time-sensitive offers or last-minute deals. With text message marketing, businesses can send out a blast to all of their subscribers at once without any delay, while customers can take advantage of the offer with just a few clicks.

2. It’s personal:

Text messages are personal by nature – they come directly to your phone, and you can read them at your convenience. This level of personalization is ideal for building relationships with customers and fostering loyalty.

3. It’s cost-effective:

Text message marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing channels available. It’s cheaper than traditional advertising, and businesses only pay for the texts they send. There are no monthly fees or long-term contracts. For companies on a tight budget, text message marketing is an excellent way to reach their target audience without breaking the bank.

4. Permission-based marketing:

With text message marketing, businesses only send messages to customers who have opted-in to receive them. This permission-based approach ensures that customers are only getting information that they’ve requested, which reduces the chance of them feeling bombarded or annoyed.

5. It’s measurable:

Text message marketing is highly measurable, so businesses can track exactly how many people are subscribing to their texts, clicking on links, and redeeming offers. This data can be used to tweak future campaigns for maximum effectiveness.


1. Limit on message length:

Because text messages are limited to 160 characters, businesses have to be concise with their messaging. This can be challenging for companies that want to include a lot of information in their texts.

2. Opt-in required:

As mentioned, customers have to opt-in to receive text messages from a business. This means that businesses need to have a way to encourage customers to sign up for their text updates. This can be done through in-store signage, online ads, or social media posts.

3. Not everyone uses text messages:

While the majority of people use text messages, there are still some holdouts who prefer not to receive them. This means that businesses need to reach their target audience through other channels as well, such as email or social media.

Overall, text message marketing is an effective way to reach customers and promote your business. However, like any marketing channel, it has its own set of advantages and disadvantages that should be considered before jumping in.

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